Milk Maid

by Redbush

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released April 9, 2013

Redbush: J.D. Korpitz - vocals, guitar /// Ev Bruhnke - drums, backups /// Ian Mckillip - bass

Recorded and mixed by Felipe Patino at Green Door Recordings in Aurora, CO
Mastered by Jason Livermore at Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, CO

Produced by Redbush
All songs written by J.D. Korpitz

Photographs and design by Scott Badham
Skin: Lacey Torres /// Brian Bryngelson, Esq.



all rights reserved


Redbush Laramie, Wyoming

Ev Bruhnke - Drums / Backups

Larson Lind - Bass

J.D. Korpitz - Guitar / Vocals

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Track Name: One Reason
One fucking reason and a token for your pride / once forgiven then denied / all the bullshit for the sake of self control / I'm in your pocket and you don't know / gently is the way we've played it all along / sexual frustration it is never wrong / with leash strapped tight you lead me further nowhere and all I see is the backside of your head / I'm going outside to find another place / abandon reason and good taste / I'm fucking bar trash just to get you off my mind / kill the moment / waste some time / gently is the way we've played it all along / sexual frustration it is never wrong / with leash strapped tight you lead me further nowhere / I only smell the fragrance of your hair / and all I know is I no longer care / don't care.
Track Name: Last Ditch Effort
It's time for logic homicide / now that all the passion went and died / no one is to say what's wrong or right / but a lurker always waits late in the night / it's a last ditch effort / those sour thoughts will fade in time / decisions made with too much on the line / seems it's been all left up to the chase / and a lurker always has a friendly face / it's a last ditch effort / I don't know but I've been told while you were running round to that sound / desperation reared it's head and then you went away / to that day / what they say / it's a last ditch effort / ah fuck / it had to end this way / you can feed / you can bleed / please don't breed / never gonna have it your own way / no more to say.
Track Name: Buck Weaver
Got a feeling I live a lie / got a feeling that the truth is lost until I die / and I know nobody else could last this long in such poor heath / got a feeling when I breathe / got a feeling that the truth is gonna smother me / and with no time and no wealth / Gandil can go fuck himself / everybody knows how the story goes / see you at the baseball field / I will have revenge / leave you all for dead / deep beneath your baseball field / got a feeling when you're all gone / got a feeling that I'll finally find where I belong / as the owners cry a tear / the players live in constant fear / got a feeling it's all wrong / got a feeling that there will be peace before too long / and I'll live with no regret / you'll forget the day we met.
Track Name: The Stoker
Ask forgiveness from the coal we've been feeding to this fiery hole / stay afloat above the ocean floor / it's not much but it's all mine / as my sweat will stand the test of time / watch it roll back to the shore / lay my head in the arms of Argus / for I can't see anymore / stain my flesh with the dust of Hades / so I can live evermore / this cursed ship is so obscene / gonna douse it all in kerosene / we're gonna go / fall to the floor / praising all the ancestors who died young while the ocean stirs up a commode / cleansing it's soul / place my hands on the eyes of Argus / burn my flesh to the bone / place my feet on the grounds of Hades / for I've been welcomed home / place my ear to the mouth of Argus / the stars won't speak anymore / take my seat in the house of Hades / where I shall serve nevermore.
Track Name: Industrial Morale
Everybody's got a place building homes inside a maze / shaped like a hearse / looking for a paradise where computers control flies / can't control thirst / sick song they'll be humming all night long / been preyed upon / everything they had is gone / it's time to let forgiveness rest as the victims build their nests / practicing lure / figuring to pipe their waste / fertilizer for the maze / never been pure / I'll wait until they generate / all a jigsaw / they'll overcompensate with their law / been slain before this day / as the breeding will come to an end / constant feeding / constant need to spend / hold me closer don't let go again / there'll be nothing more to defend.
Track Name: Lonely Soul
With a light that shines so well from a mind that's up for sale / lay the carpet time to roll / you're a lonely soul / there's a tension in the air / just pretend that no one cares / plenty booze and endless blow / you're a lonely soul / I don't mix around / satisfaction is letting me down / every morsel is running / nevermind the things we choose / must forget the things we lose / flew the coop some years ago / you're a lonely soul / now there's something we can share / had about all I can bear / pull the plug and end the show / you're a lonely soul.
Track Name: Polar Creep
How you doing son / seemingly your face is worse for wear / can I bum a ride / no matter if it's headed here nor there / smile on your face / scoping every chick that's in the room / what you doing son / hoping that you still can get it up but I can't get it up / be it wrong or right / looking for some shelter for the night / yeah you're smooth as shit and everybody thinks you're out of site / now you're banking on all your fucking phony free love ways / don't believe that shit / only want to find ways to get it up while I can't get it up / I see the future here / it's sharp and crystal clear / I amount to nothing without you / can't help but be the same / pretend we have a brain / throw away all dignity for a screw.
Track Name: All My Pretty Ones
All my pretty ones / it's over now / I'll show you how to fade away / get inside my head / never leave / make believe an endless day / got a lot to give / say goodnight / wave goodbye to yourself / for the life of me / I can't recall / kept them all for myself.
Track Name: Confessions Of A Butcher
It's been bathing with the pigs for some time now / it's a storm it's a priest it's a lover it's a cash cow / it's a singer with all rhyme and no reason / it's a code for a false explanation and or treason / I sit and count the ways I can set off your alarm / I'll bandage your broken wings bludgeoned head and severed arms / I'd kill the world for you if it would stop your bleeding heart / no matter how hard we try / we are never going to part / forty feet and the shit keeps on stacking / it's a flower it's a stone it's a bullet it is taxing / it's a wreck moving west towards rehab / it's a saint lining up moving in for the back stab / everything has gone as planned / snap that baby's neck before it learns to stand / unable to hear it break / everything we've done / we've done for heaven's sake.
Track Name: Spinal Necklace
Fuck the new beat / please don't scream / Greyskull / senoritas / tequila / Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Track Name: Should I Stay
I don't feel like waking up no more to that song / isolated in frozen dreams / we've done for way too long / set the mind on override and stay for the show / such a pleasure to crawl back inside / I know / it's way too wrong / should I stay or I go / I don't care but whoa-oh / playing fools for regret / feel that thorn in your side / watch it swell at night / maybe it will end someday / I see them waiting to tell you things you don't want to know / they say / "I don't know about your will but I know how to put on a show" / and as they're waiting to tell you things they don't want to say / they say / "I don't know about your strife but I know how to put on restraints".