Wonder Nugget EP

by Redbush

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released September 1, 2011

Ev Bruhnke - Drums, Ian Mckillip - Bass, J.D. Korpitz - Guitar, Vocals
All songs written by J.D. Korpitz
Tracked at Mission To Shred by Brandon Carlisle, Mixed by Andrew Berlin and mastered by Jason Livermore at Blasting Room Studios.
Cover art by Jamy Cabre


tags: rock Laramie


all rights reserved


Redbush Laramie, Wyoming

Ev Bruhnke - Drums / Backups

Larson Lind - Bass

J.D. Korpitz - Guitar / Vocals

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Track Name: Death In 4/4 Time
Empires rise and fall by gluttonous hands while overstimulation takes it's toll / reaching for the sky does neglect the lands forgiveness and suply to us all / the cradle that once held everlasting witness was blinded by a western wind / devour all the trees and destroys the sinless / with a glance a new time must begin / the hourglass runs down waiting for a sign / see that cradle drop / death in 4/4 time / mass insemination gets us where we're going / breed into a new world without pain / mass evacuation keeps the juices flowing / flee into a new world full of shame / mass extermination / everybody's going / kill into a new world all the same / give us just a little truth and we'll escape this faulty tower / just like a virus spread through time through the hills straight from the mind / all ideals have been put to waste please enjoy your golden shower / They'll kindly ask you not to breathe so they can get just what they need.
Track Name: Allen
I'll tell you a story about a man who had chosen his own disease / never hesitate to bite the hand supplying little to his appease / the name of the game was find and cheat and he knew how to play it well / do whatever it takes to lose his feet and float it all the way down to hell / he'd say "I don't care about your life and I won't miss you when you leave" "and I curse the day you all thought that you could control me" "reality ain't worth my time, it's just another cage" "I'll blast myself outside my mind and see how quickly I can age" / he opens a drawer to find a potion containing his fantasy / never thinking about the pavement that awaits in this destiny / he reminds himself of happier times as a tear trickles down his face / and he plunges the potion into his veins hoping all the regrets be erased / he'd say "you don't care about my life and you won't miss me when I'm done" "and I just want to fuck my brain until my heads gone" "farewell to morality, farewell to my mistake birth" "I'll find a way out of this world and see what it's worth" / sit and smile all the while that my back breaks giving it all back to you / I'll be remembered as a drug in a dark room giving no light for the view / when i say heavy yes you know it's heavy what the fuck else am I going to do / send my mind into a realm where the skull shakes happy to be somewhere new / and everything that never changes will be leading all the cows back home.
Track Name: Heads Pop
It came overground and now it's in your town making little kids not think / it's close behind with profit on the mind and a milk tit that's electronic / adorned in colorful lights that darken down the day and brighten up the night / here's the big surprise / it's alive / it forever bleeds a constant news feed resembling telepathy / in a fast-paced realm no one can ever tell what's left behind / the independent mind / the glass half-full slowly spills on a wired brain and world that's hooked on pills / and the only remaining thrill is demise / let's watch their heads pop / the only sound is the laughter of clown and it's making my head spin / hear the pigs outside of the door saying "Wolfy, let me in" / it's easily said the caveman isn't dead he lives in everyone / while his fucked up teeth and double chin beef blab away / his brain decays / he sits and squirts his goo / drinks it up and howls at the moon / a million views on youtube tonight / she stands and shakes her ass / streaming tears and a world's new take on class / and the only thing to be asked is how much time until their heads pop.
Track Name: Wonder Nugget
The sun has risen / the sky bleeds upon every waning fire's dull needs / as we have spoken we've lied / now all fears become alive / the moon is empty / the ground's cold / erasing every story untold / as we have listened / we've tried to hear the tales we've been denied / every hope forever dies / anger is what's been used in vain / so much more than acting tough and slightly less than sane / gluttony / spoiling everything that grows / the rotten food that we must eat reflects that of our souls / carry me to where the blind can see / far away from this god-forsaking / breeding / we no longer partake / more like a nine month long shit and more flesh for the stake / honor / one thing we've overcome / in understanding a kind of world that works less than it's sum / I will be down where the river breathes the last of life into the ocean's sea / carry me to where the deaf won't be / far away from this god-forsaking.
Track Name: Awake
I've been asleep for days / I drowned out all the memories again / and then / I managed to grow up / they don't know wrong from right / and every time they hold me tight / they say / let's pray for never waking up / I know about our merry little difference but I'll still call you names / I called upon the fates / to rid me of my weary ways / got sent to bed / told still I'm growing up / forget the fantasy / start dreaming of reality instead / till dead / and no longer waking up.